illwerke vkw invests eur 194 million in hydropower

Autor: Roland Gruber , 10.01.2022

With its construction budget for 2021 illwerke vkw’s supervisory board has given the go-ahead for new projects to the tune of EUR 282 million. Projects in the company’s hydropower segment will focus on ...

... bringing existing facilities up to current technical standards and improving their efficiency. A budget of EUR 194 million has been allocated to these undertakings, which are set to increase the amount of self-produced energy from clean hydropower. Of all the projects on the agenda, the largest ones are the complete refurbishment of hydropower facilities Vermunt (EUR 71 m) and Rodund (EUR 41 m). Further projects include new generators for hydropower plant Langenegg and a full refurbish­ment of hydropower plant Klösterle. Both will enable the utilisation of additional renewable energy from domestic sources. Around EUR 57 m of the approved budget are earmarked for the Energy Networks segment and will contribute to sustaining a highly reliable energy supply.

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illwerke vkw’s Rodund I facility in Vandans is to be completely refurbished in 2021.

photo credits: illwerke vkw